Walking With Them

Photo by  Paul Bence  on  Unsplash

Photo by Paul Bence on Unsplash


Reaching our communities

As we watch the world get “smarter”, one of the drawbacks is the loss of relational commitment. In a completely connected world that lacks commitment. How must the church shift to reach our communities? 

1. The work place is the LArgest mission field.

For so long we have struggled to making the teaching of "Love your neighbor" relevant to a community that doesn't talk to our actual neighbors. Fear and air conditioning have moved us inside more and more. But, every day all over the world the church works side by side with those who need the love of Jesus. What is more those co-workers are probably starving for relationship. The Gig Church will work to overcome this cultural deficit in their local context by reaching out to those in their work place with no strings attached.

2. Evangelism will be invitational

Each week I have the joy of sharing with a group of local pastors for prayer and encouragement. Today we were visited by Hamitch, a church planter from New Zealand. He shared what his ministry is like in a culture that has moved to being almost completely secular (3% attend any church at all.) He said, the church always comes to people’s mind with a context that tells them they are in or out. In his ministry the goal has become to help Christians live out their lives one moment at a time side by side with the others in their community. Instead of sharing the story of Jesus first, they share their own transformed lives, then when they are invited in, they share the life changing truth of Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 2:8 "Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well."

3. The world will know what we are "for" 

I left the prayer meeting and began listening to my regular podcast menu. The Tom Rainer Leadership Podcast was about shrinking our gatherings and events to allow church members to spend more time living life in their community. Then Jeff Henderson, former marketing director for Chick-fil-a and the Atlanta Braves, current lead pastor of the Guinette Church in Georgia, and the creator of #for(our city), shared that churches today need to become raving fans of the community they live in, to walk beside business leaders, schools, and others to show them the love Jesus with no strings.

Show them Christ’s love one moment, one conversation, one opportunity at a time, and then be ready to share the truth of the loving resurrected Lord, when they ask about the hope inside you.

4. Small groups will take priority

For many churches, small groups are a big part of their programming. Some base their entire model on this approach. In the coming years, Christians living in the Gig Culture will begin to form their own regular small group meetings without the instruction or resources of the organizational church.

The organizational church needs to foster and protect these groups. Any time Christians gather for the sake of reaching others or encouraging one another in their faith, the church should support it. This will be the best model for discipleship in the new world. 

The Gig Church must overcome over-programming and be in and for our communities, if we are going to have a voice to share the eternal message of Jesus Christ.