The Why Behind Gig.Church

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Let's Talk

Hello, my name is Dow Tippett, and I would love to start a conversation about how the church needs to change its methods in our fast-changing world in order to continually and effectively communicate the eternal message of Jesus Christ with eternal results in transformed lives.

          If that conversation is interesting to you, you are in the right place.

“The world is undergoing the largest communications shift in the last 500 years.”  - Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools

Since the Gutenberg movable type printing press allowed for the creation of books, the world has not seen such a shift in the way we share large formats of information. We now share worlds and centuries of information in the touch of a few buttons.

          What is more, the advent of the internet is allowing people to work one “Gig” at a time. From Uber to Netflix to Airbnb, people change quicker than the weather, and commitment seems to have exited stage left. I often hear church leaders bemoaning this change, but in truth this shift is probably here to stay, at least for a time.

So, what does the church do?

Does the Bible have anything to teach us?

If we embrace this fast-paced world, will the eternal message of Jesus get lost in the shuffle?

          Most of us know the “C”hurch will prevail over even the gates of hell, but we worry that the “c”hurch we’re associated with might lose its way.

          That’s what this conversation is about. That’s what the blogs, vlogs, and podcasts will all be about. How do we stay focused and adaptive?

          I do want this to be a conversation, partly because I don’t have a bunch of answers, but also because I want to answer real questions, your questions. So, please, comment, question, and let’s grow together as we figure out how to continually, effectively share the eternal message of Jesus Christ’s love in a fast-changing world.