Gig Training


Gig Training

As with everything else in the gig culture, training has changed. As we on board people to our church and into our ministries they need to be trained. Everything from how our church culture works to deep dives into discipleship, the internet and easy access to high quality video production has made this easier than ever.

Here are four ways to use technology to help train people for your church:


1.     Use an existing training site.

Entrepreneurs and companies have taken advantage of a world of technology and begun offering and producing training videos for all kinds of things from how to use adobe products to how to tie a slip knot.  Think

Also, many companies have started offering the ability to create and sell your own training. Think

Finally, in the church world we have great companies like:

The beauty of these options is that someone else has already gone through the time and expense of creating the backend technology to track watches, record completion, etc. While most offer pre-made videos, they also offer the ability to add personalized material to the platform.


2.     Youtube

The second largest search engine in the world, Youtube offers a great opportunity for churches to create and make available their training to all their members for free.

You will have to go through the time and effort of creating your own videos , which is no small task, and there is no easy way to track an individuals progress.

Still with a little ingenuity and creativity you can create training videos for your church that might also be used by others.


3.     Life Church

What a blessing Life Church is to all of the Gig Church, with their philosophy of extreme generosity, they give everything they can away, including curriculum and training, as well as resources from creative to managerial. Life Church has also lead the way in inspiring other churches to join the game.

Go to and sign-up for a free account to see all they offer.

Again, these trainings make tracking difficult and they are not specific to your church, but much of the work that you would have to do is done for you.


4.     Host it yourself

Hosting your own trainings with your own tracking software will work if you have the expertise within your body to keep the price down. However, this will mean a lot of service hours and time getting it up and running. I am not saying don’t do it, just be wise stewards of time and money.

This option will give you full control of what is taught, the quality of the training, and how you track completion.


In the end, what the Gig Church Leader needs to understand is that, as Ministry Grid says, “Training is necessary, the classroom isn’t.”

The church that wisely uses technology to help volunteers be trained will have more efficient, more consistent, and more fulfillment of training than those who don’t. Not restricting our training to a time and place, but to one topic available at the disposal of our volunteers and church members will move us further faster.

So instead of maintaining training that is one meeting at a time, start training one gig at a time