HIIT Spiritual Growth

Have you heard of or even tried HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

About a year ago I heard a podcast episode from Tim Farris describing the value and power of HIIT:


Dr. Martin Gibala explains that through consistent periods of intense activity and valuable recover, the body can strengthen in much shorter periods of workout than previously understood.

Since listening to that episode I have professed and considered how this High Intensity method can be useful in so many areas of life. In fact, I have become convinced that God has designed us this way. After all this is how the world was created: 6 days of intense creation followed by rest. Not just a day of rest, but rest from “all His work.” I believe God wanted us to enjoy more than he wanted us to labor.

Today, I heard another podcast talking about micro-disciplines for growing your life by gaining more of God:


Suddenly, I heard the value of HIIT training for getting more God into my life. So many of us struggle to reach the relationship with God that we desire, but with work we can find our way deeper into Him. So often the practices or disciplines we have been shown take 30 minutes, or a weekend, or longer. While these sustained times with God are fruitful and can be powerful, we don’t need to carve out huge blocks of time to grow deeper in the Lord.

Instead we should consider, 30-second to 5-minute habits that will, over time, change our lives. We should read a scripture and ponder it for 2 minutes. Listen to one great worship song. Take a short walk. Offer a 30-second prayer for peace before you enter your home.

Each expression in and of itself will not seem like much, but they are doable, repeatable, and attainable. Thus we will practice them over time and gain great ground.

How does all of this apply to the Gig Church?

Technology allows us the opportunity to give people more tools for HIIT Spiritual Training. As the Church we can text our people a scripture a day. We can post a short thought on Facebook live. We can share a song that may lift a heart.

Embrace the reality that spiritual growth may happen one small gig at a time, and keep offering gigs. In this effort we can help the whole church grow closer to Jesus.