4 Spiritual Questions the Church Should Consider:

Part 4 - Pollution or Opportunity

Photo by  Dan Gold  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


This is the Fourth week that we are investigating Spiritual Questions that came out of the following podcast.

(Here is a link to this transcript https://www.theringer.com/tech/2018/1/24/16924466/how-far-will-gig-economy-go-uber-lyft-airbnb WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE)


Pollution or Opportunity

One final question that the church needs to help navigate is “Are all these wealth building options polluting the landscape or creating opportunity?”

As we have said previously, greed can over take us quickly if care is not taken to remember why we are doing the things we are doing. Freedom is lost if we allow making a dollar to be more important than living life.

Every good thing has the chance of being a bad thing if we over do it. The Bible speaks clearly around the issue of gluttony, gambling, and drunkenness. When we allow ourselves to be ruled by excess, or as is more likely, we are not careful to curb excess, sin and depravity will reign.

The question the church must help people answer is “How do we know when enough is enough?” The truth is the answer will be squishy at best. Each person’s circumstances and needs are different. Each person’s capacities and personalities are different.

If the church is going to be relevant to the lives of believers and truly influence and reach into the lives of unbelievers, we will not be able to manage discipleship in mega-meetings. Instead, we will be forced to move relationally into the lives of those around us. We will need to bring the life-changing truth of Jesus into the way we work, live and play side by side with others. We will need to build bridges of caring that allow us to speak into the difficult questions of the individual.

Churches that are based on the power of the organization and not the influence of the people of Christ will lose ground and eventually fail.

We also need to spend more time teaching people how to recognize the voice of God. In the moments of decision, when clarity is needed most, Christians must tap into the personhood of the Father to discover direction. If we are not biblically literate and prayerfully connected to God, we will not be able to know or follow His will.

The more time we spend together and individually learning God’s eternal word, the more likely we will be able to navigate the ever-changing landscape of gig culture.