4 Spiritual Questions the Church Should Consider:

Part 3 - Exploitation or Freedom


This is the third week that we are investigating Spiritual Questions that came out of the following podcast.

(Here is a link to this transcript https://www.theringer.com/tech/2018/1/24/16924466/how-far-will-gig-economy-go-uber-lyft-airbnb WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE)


Exploitation or Freedom

One of the fears around a gig economy is the lack of regulation. Some are afraid that because companies such as Uber are now looking to put vending machines in the cars of their drivers, we will soon see larger corporations taking advantage of their employees for the sake of more money.

However, as has been the case for much of history, when free market competition is given time, it finds its own way to a beautiful balance. In a free market with gigs available everywhere the freedom of an employee to simply change providers or not do something is also strong.

The question of which will happen seems to be looming. Optimists will see the possibility of ultimate freedom, while many others fear what is next. The question the church must ask is "Will our voice be heard in the midst of the economy?”

Somewhere, I heard that the key to success of the modern age was industry, the key to success of the information age was data, but the key to success of the “smart” age will be morality. If morality is not making the ultimate decisions for success in the “smart” world we are entering, we will crash and burn.

The church is already geared to be the leader in morality, if we hold to God’s unchanging truth. However, if we take a back seat to government regulation and or corporate policy makers we will see our world suffer grave consequences. The world needs a moral compass now more than ever as we navigate the changing tides of globalization and gigs, the church must lead the way with love.

Love breeds freedom.