4 Spiritual Questions the Church Should Consider:

Part 1 - Greed or Gift Expression

Photo by  Ben Rosett  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash


Today, I was sent a link to a group of people discussing the gig economy and were negative over all. They were discussing how far is too far with the gig economy and brought up some questions that I think the church needs to discuss. This series of articles identifies the questions and starts the conversation.

(Here is a link to this transcript https://www.theringer.com/tech/2018/1/24/16924466/how-far-will-gig-economy-go-uber-lyft-airbnb WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE)

Greed or Gift Expression

One of the beauties of the “side hustle” is that it allows an individual to express their gifts without boundaries. If you want to put in the work, you can create a thriving blog with content available to the world. If you believe your singing and song writing is good, you can create videos for free of your songs. I have published 3 books in the last 3 years that sat on my computer or in my brain for 10-15 years. Two of them are children’s books that most will never read. www.dowtippett.com

The problem comes when we monetize our gifting. I don’t believe it is sinful or wrong to make a living doing things you love, but when we monetize our gifting we must be careful of the doors we open.

Greed or avarice are vices that often sneak into our lives when we are just busy trying to have enough. One of the questions the church should help people answer is when is the multiplicity of “side hustles” just another version of the workaholic. Tim Farris in his book, “The Four-Hour Work Week”, shares how his successful entrepreneurial venture quickly owned him instead of him owning it.

 If we are not careful, at some point in our fight to live an amazing life, on an amazing planet, free to experience and affect all the amazing people our amazing God has created, we will find we’re just fighting for more stuff.

Now, of course, greed isn’t new, but with the freedom to do anything you want and, given enough time and focus, make a living at it. Losing sight of the expression of your gifting for gifting’s sake can get lost.

So, before you start another side hustle to buy another car you don’t need, ask yourself if you are expressing your gifts or your greed?